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Exhibition Success

During the month of May I had the honor to exhibit some of my photography at Galerie Höibühni 13, here in Matten-Interlaken, Switzerland.

This would be the first time I would exhibit my work publically in hope to increase the exposure of my name as a serious photographer.

When I was first approached with the idea, I will admit, I was intimidated. I was questioning whether I was ready or not to print and display my images that I am so passionate about in the eyes of a judgmental public audience?

I accepted the invitation with both hands and proceeded to plan.

The task at ahead of me was huge; I never expected how immense the task and cost of organizing such an event would be. The time and effort I needed to select and prepare my images to be printed, sourcing of the perfect frames, the setting up of the gallery to suit my taste and style, Invitation lists, etc.

On a plus, as this was my time to shine, I wanted to host a big event, with an opening party, live music, speeches, food and drinks.

The un-countable amount of time I had spent sitting in front of my computer selecting, re-editing, sharpening images for print went into the hundreds.

The anxiety of waiting for the images to arrive by post (for added info I opted to have all my prints printed by my trustworthy printer in Australia and delivered to me here in Switzerland ( not knowing how they would turn out or if they would even arrive took its toll on me. I have never chewed my fingernails before, until then.

In my mind having the prints sent of to be printed was the job more than half done, how wrong was I. When the prints finally arrived I then was faced with the adduce tasks of framing each image and further on deciding how I would lay them out in the gallery.

Many more countless hours…

With all that being said the opening date came upon us. An icy cold and wet May day, here in the Swiss Alps which threatened to ruin the whole opening event.

I cursed more than I could ever explain in writing, I nearly cancelled the opening event, the weather was not going to allow me to pull off the event I had envisioned for so many moths prior.

Somehow though my luck changed with only a couple of hours to go before people would hopefully stat to arrive; the skies parted to let the warmth of the sun beam down on us and let the event to run as planned.

I am so overwhelmed, even today as I write this entry five months later, with how successful the Exhibition weekend was. People travelled from all over to see my images, they were there to meet me and talk to me about my photography. You honestly cannot believe how amazing that feels.

This tireless effort came together and went off with a bang and I am so humbled.

I have so much advice I could pass onto any of you if you ever plan to host an Exhibition, so here are my three top tips:

  • Time is everything; never underestimate the amount of hours that go into preparing for an event. Give yourself a good 4-6 months time to plan.
  • Support team; if you have a person(s) whom are happy to help you in any way, just to remove a little pressure off your shoulders, accept it. With out the help of my partner and her family I would not have succeeded, with out the moral support and liaising with my family back home in Australia, I could not have done it. Thank you.
  • Don’t forget to enjoy the ride; one thing that I certainly did do was enjoy myself. Even though I was under a lot of stress with time and decisions, I made sure I overpassed that stress and enjoyed every single step through out the process. I have no idea if I will ever exhibit my work again, so I was determined to enjoy this one, as it would be my last.


From behind the lens, TLP

For a video of the event please click on this link: (









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